Colour Or Black and White Photocopying Toronto

Need Fast Photocopying In Toronto?

Hate To Do Photocopying? Does Your Copier Suck? Let Us Handle It!

We're Pretty Cheap & Fast & We Don't Bother With Minimum Orders!

A lot of printing shops in the Toronto area force minimum order amounts for photocopies, but not us.

As a local print shop, we realize that people don't always need 10,000 copies. Sometimes they need 10.

And while most people don't mind paying a few bucks for them, they do tend to become a little irritated when there is a minimum surcharge attached to it.

In our shop, we run photocopy jobs ranging from 5 copies to 100,000 (and even more than that sometimes).

And every copy job means something to us.

Sometimes it means we're helping another small business out with their advertising.

And sometimes it means we're giving a break to a recent graduate trying to push out a few resumès.

Either way, we're doing a lot of photocopying in and around Toronto.

Here's why Red Hot Printing should do your photocopying:

  • You hate photocopying
  • Your photocopier seriously sucks
  • You don't have a photocopier on-site
  • You boss is too cheap to buy a photocopying machine
  • You really don't want to hang out in a copy shop
  • You have better things to do

We'll naturally assume that at least 3 of the reasons listed above apply to you.

And fair enough. Photocopying can seriously suck, unless you use really fast and cool photocopiers like we do, of course.

Colour Photocopies? Black & White? A Mix Of Both? No Sweat!

Whatever you need from your photocopying is fine with us. We'll copy any amounts for you, on any type of paper (recycled paper, too) and we'll do them as quickly as you need them.

Photocopies While You Wait...

If you have the time, feel free to hang out and have a coffee on us while we do your copying. Everyone is welcome and we definitely enjoy meeting the people we serve.

Or Swing By Later & Pick Them Up!

You can upload your files and call your order in or you can send us a form message as well and we'll have everything ready for you to pick up. If you're really pressed for time (or just can't be bothered), we can even have it all delivered to you easily enough.

We Openly Publish Our Pricing.

Unlike a lot of the other printing companies, we actually publish our photocopying prices online and stand behind them.

There's no point in misleading people and wasting their time with false pricing claims, right? Check out our pricing and see what you think.

We think you'll see that we're more than reasonably priced.


*** Please note that pricing is approximate and subject to change without prior notice.

Hate To Do Photocopying? Does Your Copier Suck? Let Us Handle It! We’re Cheap & Fast With No Minimum Orders!