Need Cheap Black And White Copies Made In Toronto?

Get Cheap Black And White Copies Made Fast With No Minimums!

If you're looking for a local printing company in the Toronto area to get really cheap black and white copies made made right away, we can make any amount of copies for you while you wait.

We also accept copying orders with no minimum order amounts and we even offer same day copying in a lot of cases. If you're not in a major rush, next day copying services are always available.

Stop wasting your time with deceptive pricing, long lineups, poor customer service & unacceptable products: Leave it to our local printing company and we'll take care of the entire job for you from start to finish.

Need Color Copies instead of Black And White? We offer great pricing and services for those as well!

Our modern & extremely efficient copying machines are built to handle any copying job - including size and amount - with absolute ease. We'll print your copies fast, accurately and with some of the best pricing available in the Toronto area.

The reasons people choose to make black and white copies include:

Whatever the reason, black and white copies are probably the cheapest way to get your message out there.

Red Hot Printing has been a local printing company in the west end of Toronto for many years and we specialise in not only making copies for people, but we get them done and into your hands as quickly as possible as well.

We are used to dealing with fast turnaround and emergency printing and we routinely deal with people experiencing a time-crunch.

With no limits on amounts, we only copy what you need and we can offer most types of stock, regardless of colour or thickness.

Are you a small business owner? Or the leader of a community-based organisation? Or did your boss just tell you to find a "a printing place somewhere" to get a gazillion copies made by 5:00pm?

No problem!

Do you need single-sided copies? Double-sided? Poster-size or the standard 8.5" X 11' on 24-pound paper?

No problem!

We can handle just about anything when it comes to copies and all you have to do is call for a quick quote.

It couldn't be simpler!

Why bother trying to take care of it yourself when we will take care of it for you? As a local printing company and small business ourselves, we actually care about our customers and take pride in providing the best quality and service possible.

Call us today and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions About Black And White Copies

How does your black and white copy ordering process work?

  1. You get in touch with us via telephone or contact form.
  2. We connect with you and discuss your order in detail.
  3. We'll give you a price quote based on your information.
  4. We'll complete your order.
  5. You pay for your order.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa & American Express.

How long do black and white copy orders typically take?

Completion times for black and white copies vary depending on what the customer needs, however a 'ballpark' answer would be 3-4 days unless you opt for a faster turnaround time.

If you need black and white copies printed today, for example, we'll finish them for you today but you will be charged a premium rate for that service.

What about pick-up or delivery?

You can either come into the shop to pick up your black and white copies order or we can have it delivered. Printing delivery involves more costs but it's up to you how you would like to receive your order.

Do I have to come into your shop at all?

Nope, you really don't. We have a ton of customers who do everything by telephone and never come into the shop.

It all depends on what you're comfortable with, so maybe after your first order you can deal with us remotely and we'll take care of everything for you.

Repeat orders are probably the best example of this: Once a job is set-up and correct, it will always turn out that way and we save all of our files for that purpose.

What about any graphics files for black and white copies I might have?

You can upload any files you have as long as they are in PDG, JPG or TIFF file formats.

For other file formats, please call us.

Do you guys do any black and white copy designing?

Yep, we offer design & layout assistance as a premium service.

Do you have design templates for black and white copies on your website?

Not at this time, sorry. We are considering offering it in the future but for now we find it's easier to speak with you directly and offer the assistance mentioned above.

What if I'm not exactly sure what I need?

That's perfectly fine. A lot of people don't know what the different options are or mean, such as:

  • Card Stock Points & Pounds
  • Finishes Like "AQ", "Matte" & "Gloss"
  • Colour Amounts
  • Amount Of Sides
  • Offset & Digital

You can tell us what you think you need and describe it as best as you can when you contact us. We'll figure out what works best for your particular project and then discuss the options with you.

Black And White Copy Pricing

8.5" X 11" 8.5" X 14" 11" X 17"
1-499 $0.09 $0.11 $0.17
500-999 $0.08 $0.10 $0.14
1,000-9,999 $0.07 $0.08 $0.11
10,000 + $0.05 $0.07 $0.10

Please Note: Prices shown above are for next day service.

Please Note: $3.00 File Fee Applies

Not sure what any of this actually means? No problem! Give us a call and we'll be happy to explain everything to you.


*** Please note that pricing is approximate and subject to change without prior notice.