Charity Printing Discounts

We Give Back By Offering Charity Printing Discounts!

If You're A Local Non-Profit Or Charity In The Toronto Area & Want To Save A Few Bucks On Your Printing Orders, Give Us A Call!

If you're a registered non-profit in search of discounted charity printing products, we'll give you 10% off of any regular service that we offer.

Now how's that for a straight-up statement?

As a local business ourselves, we've been welcomed by our community and appreciate the relationships we've developed over the years and, as a way of showing that appreciation, we try to give back by offering our services to any non-profits who use us.

We've always recognized that - and despite their great work and effort - those types of organizations are almost always constrained by challenging budgets and the concept of "every penny counting" pretty much applies to them.

So much to do and never enough money to do it, right? We get it.

Give us a call and tell us a bit about you, what you do, the type of services you need and we'll put together a working plan that outlines your costs over the course of a year. Working together, let's to see how much you can save and go from there.

Sound simple enough, right? We think so, too.

We're happy to give back by helping out local charities.

Rob Fammartino, Owner

And now for the fine print, because there's always fine print.

Certain Conditions Apply:

  1. Your organization must be registered and verified by RHP (us) prior to any discounts being applied.
  2. Discounted rates do not apply to any of our premium services.

Examples of qualifying groups include:


*** Please note that pricing is approximate and subject to change without prior notice.

Are you a local Non-Profit or Charity organization in Toronto looking to save a few bucks on your printing? Get in touch!