Looking for decent Toronto SEO companies for your small business website?

Small Business SEO Toronto.

If you are reading this, you probably found the Red Hot Printing website through Google and thought the following:

  1. Hey, this website's SEO is pretty good!
  2. Who did it?
  3. Can they do some SEO for my business website as well?

In response, I say 'thank you', 'YouRankWell.ca', and 'absolutely'!

My name is Kevin and I provide affordable and one-to-one organic SEO services for small business websites in Toronto and around the GTA.

As mentioned, I almost exclusively focus on local and organic search results, which basically means the types of search results that naturally come up whenever you perform a Google search. I don't really do paid ads or PPC campaigns, although i can continue to run an existing one (if you already have one in place).

I focus on organic search results because they tend to last, as opposed to the traffic you get from the paid ads. Once you stop paying, that traffic tends to stop and you're back to where you began.

If done properly, organic SEO will provide a steady stream of paying customers to your website.

The amount of traffic and which search terms you will be ranking for will depend on the products or services you provide, how competitve your space is and a few other factors. These things aside, it's possible for nearly every small business to rank for something that will help.

Let's define what your business really does.

Part of the organic SEO process includes establishing what your business really does. Once we know that, we can then begin to target specific markets. This approach enables us to find niche markets in your space that aren't very competitve but that deliver real results.

Not just the 'tire-kickers'.

Paying customers.

No SEO contracts or automatic monthly billing.

I work with you and by the hour. You are free to move on at any time and you are only charged for work that I have done and that was agreed to by you.

We will meet to discuss your needs and I'll tell you what I think I can do to help. I will then make recommendations and give you a quote. No obligations on your behalf and you are free to seek quotes elsewhere.

I won't bore you with technical jargon and I can assure you that all of my SEO techniques are above-board and current. I've never come even close to being penalised by Google and the results speak for themselves.

If you are looking for an honest and affordable solution to your website and SEO needs, please consider getting in touch with me.

I provide real customer service.

I hear a lot of people complaining about having to wait days for a response from their web people.

That doesn't happen with me.

If you call, I'll answer if able to and definitely respond within the hour. If changes to your website need to be made that can be done that day, they will be. I don't double-speak using jargon or lead you to believe anything other than what is going to be done.

It's that simple.

Check out the types of SEO services I currently offer at YouRankwell.ca:

And here are my website services:

To learn more about me and the SEO services I provide, please visit my about page or contact me here by sending a form message.

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