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Posters are a great way to advertise just about anything because they tend to offer a visual type of message, or a visual grammar of sorts, that is meant to immediately convey your points in an effective and graphic way.

and unlike business cards, postcards or flyers & brochures, cheap posters have a different kind of effectiveness in that you can't miss their message if they are placed strategically. Imagine walking down the street and, right at eye level on a lamp post as you wait for the light to change, is a poster that says:

"Call this number and mention this poster to get $100.00 for free".

Two things would likely happen:

  1. You would laugh.
  2. You would consider calling that number.

Now, most of us would not call the number, but the point here is that the poster got noticed and held your attention for a moment. Advertise the right thing in the right way and you'll definitely make connections with potential customers.

An effective poster campaign typically has essential content that includes a title, main text headings and supporting graphics that people definitely relate to and hopefully respond to as well.

Reasons for having some posters printed might include:

  • Academic purposes
  • Research purposes
  • Conferences
  • Advertisements
  • Announcements
  • Business meetings
  • Trade shows

You might have naturally assumed that getting posters printed would be an expensive process, but the truth is that printing posters is relatively inexpensive depending on the type of design and how quickly you need them.

In most cases we offer same day poster printing, but next day printing is always available as well.

Our standard pricing for Poster printing:

Cheap Toronto poster printing.

Please note that pricing is approximate and subject to change.

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